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We all have many touch points 

We connect and pull together information, individuals, groups and communities from the offline to the online connected world, a world with an insatiable appetite for more more bite sized information that educates and entertains. A trend that continues to disrupt and gather pace. The opportunity for those who embrace is greater than before, for those who procrastinate the outlook is very bleak.

We are creative, innovative thinkers that recognises that most businesses and individuals have within them all the aspirations, talent and skill that is needed, our skill is to awaken those aspirations and set them in motion. 

There is a significant shift in priorities driven by the independence, freedom and considerable leverage that the Techno – Social avalanche has delivered us.

The birth of the “Professional Amateur’ the Active lifestyler who are building their careers and businesses from this Active lifestyle base.  The Active Lifestyle communities such as those below, offer ever increasing opportunities to get alongside this new breed of consumer, customer and peers.

Active Lifestyler communities with their members and peers are heavily slanted to the new mobile business person, the entrepreneur and professional, a trend that is set to continue and disrupt.

Problem: Are you disconnected and falling behind 

Solution: Develop a connected engaging centralised information community styled hub 

Result: Your community will engage and connect to the individual and the individual will connect with your community

Result: Your community will engage, connect and overlap with other like minded communities creating powerful cross promotional synergies

Result: Your community will engage, connect and overlap with other like minded communities creating powerful cross promotional synergies

Direction: Past, present and potential consumers and customers will search, discover, consume and share your content rich resources with their peers

Differentiation: You will clearly define communicate your point of difference your niche position 

Content Tilt: Your content will refine define your business and your clientele

Perception: Your business is an authority and easy to engage and do business with.

Consistency: Your business community by default will develop a strong bond and trust, resulting in recurring sticky customer actions

Innovation to Cash Register: A continual process to remain in business. Communities are current, communities give direction and flag creativity, innovation and change.

We all have a story to tell 

We make the transition very simple

  • Why this? 

    Get connected online “Connected Community Platforms” bring all your communities together elevating leverage and connection to your message, service, product 24/7

  • Why Us?

    We are current with understanding and reaching community. The most important drivers of social media such as facebook and instagram, are merged within a blog styled website creating a simple to understand information hub, that can easily be located, consumed, and shared with colleagues, friends and their extended networks.

  • Why now?

    The uptake of the general consumer to search, discover, consume and share within their like minded environments is significant, and is more confident, mature and trusting . Businesses who recognise this and act will catch a signifiant evolutionary wave.

Example Communities 

“When it comes to targeting online, your customers are one of your most valuable resources.

User generated content is a great way to push your preferred clientele or members further down the conversion funnel, especially since they trust it 50% more than any other type of media. This is bad news for businesses that are still focusing on traditional advertising, but fantastic news for brands that either already have bustling online communities or are hoping to build them soon. Social proof is a powerful phenomenon and sometimes your audience just needs to see your products or services in action before taking that final step and making a purchase.

There are a few different ways to not only encourage your audience to share their experiences, but to also repurpose that content for your marketing campaigns. Let’s break it down by two of the most popular platforms for user generated content, Instagram and YouTube…”
“By Shopify blog” 

Connecting Individuals and Groups 

Fluent Cohesive Engaging Communitiy

  • Is it difficult?

    We do all the hard work in the background to make your front of house online experience easy, especially via mobile devices

  • Is this costly?

    This is not an expensive exercise. We are community builders first and foremost and our “prime directive” is Fun, Factual & Affordable, this is fundamental for community growth

Inexpensive Scalable simple

Our Mantra “Build + Share + Evolve + Repeat”

  • Why build an Online Community?
    Offline Community is still alive and kicking, it’s just that the majority now prefer to access, consume and share like minded information via their mobile devices, and as we all know we want the answers quick smart at our fingertips 24/7. If you need to reach or expand your community or network, then being easy accessed and shareable online is imperative.

  • What are “Overlapping Communities”?
    Overlapping Communities are very powerful, it is as it sounds, where one like minded community overlaps with others, it’s the intersection of these overlaps that are extremely potent at expanding your community and networks. Think of it as a club online, you have a network, they have a network and you become friends.

Reach and Engage

Expand your Community

  • Where do we start?
    You start at the beginning, sounds a little too simple? You know best about your product or service and by default you are an information hub and expert, this is the beginning point in building your community ‘Honey Pot” an attractive Information Hub that contributes and attracts…

  • How do I grow and manage my Community”?
    Now that you have a clear view on what your expertise contribution to your community is, you then begin simple and fluent sharing of this to your existing and new communities, consistency is essential ….

It is all about Community first

Social Media has overtaken technology – so where to from here? We provide the ability to build virtual and real sticky communities through our design styles. Carefully designed platforms that fuse and merge the important Multi Media options with blog based websites. These “Platforms” require no custom coding or prior website development knowledge. Most industry groupings have the very same needs and can be easily introduced to their communities in the online world…this is all about conversion from “offline” to “online”  and expanding the reach beyond what was previously possible.

Social Media has overtaken Community

Real Community. Real People.

We all know the power of community… Reaching and Connecting with your existing Community is Paramount. Once you have established a REAL CONNECTION – REAL RELATIONSHIP ONLINE, you can then begin expanding those relationships.


We understand community, and community is a hands on thing that needs plain engish

Education is Key

We know everyone needs support. Our philosophy is to treat you as we would like to be treated.

Become Social

Social Media has overtaken Technology so how does this help our network aspirations?

Make lots of friends

With so many options, what are the most effective? and how do they fit for our community?


Do you understand their impact, their reach and what they will do for your community?

Highly engaging opportunity

Images and Video content embedded within your community is highly viral and effective …

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SimpleMash platforms are packed with useful features. These features make it ridiculously easy to look professional and engaging. But the biggest factor is the power of overlapping communities, and their ability to strengthen and expand networks.

Overlapping Communities are powerful

Large Alternate